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My name is Mr. Mosera and I would like to welcome you to the official music website of PS 159.  This will be a place for both students and parents to learn about music, what is happening in your class, what is expected of all students and how best to succeed in your musical training.  Please visit the site often, download any work you have misplaced and explore.  The site will be updated throughout the year with important dates and reminders as well.


Good luck and I look forward to a great year!



The applications for solo NYSSMA performances will be handed out the week of January 15th.  The piano festival for our zone, Zone 12, is Thursday, June 7th.  Click this link for more info.

2. Choral Performances a hit!  

The PS159 Chorus performed for the patients at St. Mary's Children's Hospital as well as at the December PTA meeting.  Please Click here for pics from the hospital trip.


3. Newsletter hot off the presses!

Please click here for the newest winter edition of the Music News!

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