5th Graders will be responsible for these songs in addition to the songs listed on the main chorus page.

01 Haida

Here's the full Haida with all the clapping and stomping that one person can stand.  My brothers, Joe, Vito, Big Tony and Zeke all sang with me to get this done.  You should write them all thank you cards.  :)  Start practicing with track one in order to understand the melody.  Practice with track two to help remember the form.  Form means the order that things happen in a song.  For example, when does voice 1 sing or when are we supposed to stomp or clap?

This is our competition!  An elementary school somwhere in the USA.  I don't know who they are but I know we can do better!!!

02 Is It Music

This charming original piece re-creates the conversation between a pair of birds as they observe children singing. The birds consider what the sounds are, why the sounds are made, and most importantly, "Is it music?" With playful tempo shifts, dramatic fermatas, comic interjections, and a tender final realization that declares "Yes, it's music!" This piece sets up the educational opportunity to challenge students to think about what music really is.