5th Graders will be responsible for these songs in addition to the songs listed on the main chorus page.

01 Dreams That Children Dream


There is innocence and optimism in the way children view the world; this inspiring original captures the essence of their delight and wonder.  Beginning with the anticipation of morning, then moving into the child's daily exploration of the world, the work culminates in the warm satisfaction of day's end.  We are encouraged to dream the dreams that children dream: dreams of hope, happiness, peace and security.  This is a wonderful signature piece, filled with lovely melody and sonorous harmony.  Its message speaks to everyone, young and old.


02 Autumn Fires


Younger choirs will build important choral skills with this tender setting of a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. Alternating between modal and major key tonality, the part-writing is carefully crafted, making this an excellent choice for any concert of the year!