Replacement Costs

Your new method book includes the following awesome benefits:

  • The first 100 lines of Book 1 are FREE in SmartMusic, our instrumental practice software.

  • Each book contains a link to where you can find audio demonstrations and accompaniment tracks, video demonstrations of fundamental skills and excercises and supplemental enrichment content.


We will be using SmartMusic to help continue our studies during distance learning.  Emails were sent out to all parents on how to get started.  If you did not receive an email please let me know through the contact page on this site.  SmartMusic provides the following advantages:

  • Immediate feedback

  • Students see which notes and rhythms they played correctly/incorrectly, receive a performance score, and hear their recording.

  • Repertoire library

  • 150+ method books, 5,400+ ensemble titles and thousands of solos from top publishers. Create an account to search the library.

  • Practice tools

  • A metronome, tuner, and the ability to loop sections are built in and always close at hand.

  • Communication loop

  • Both teachers and students can see each others’ written comments on every assignment and student recording.

  • Computer, Chromebook, and iPad support

  • SmartMusic works on the devices your students use today.

  • Colorblind support

  • Colors adjusted to ensure that people who see colors differently have equal access.

  • Affordability

  • Starting with a free student version, SmartMusic is priced to be within reach of nearly every program and student.

In order to use the software, you need to create a SmartMusic account and join the class using this code: 2PPDK-UGDHU


1. Open a Chrome browser and visit:

2. When prompted for a class code, please enter:




PS: If you know of any other parents who have children in the 5th grade band that may not have gotten this email, please feel free to pass it along.  Not everyone sent in their email address with the original band contract.