PS 159 Chorus

Hello Chorus members!

Please use this page to keep up to date with the work we are doing in class.  You may download copies of the sheet music, listen to a chorus of Moseras singing the songs to help you focus in on your part and download the mp3 all from this page.

All chorus member will be joining together to sing these four songs in addition to the songs assigned to their specific grade which can be accessed by the links above.

01  O Music, Sweet Music

This is a three part round.  Rounds are an important tool​ for young voices to begin to sing in harmony.


TIPS:  If you hear Download the first file marked "Full Score".  This will help you see all the parts together and make it easier to know when to start singing and what other groups are doing differently from your group. 

02  Butterfly

In this captivating original for young voices, a staccato piano motive represents the darting flight of a butterfly while the playful melody and flowing refrain suggest the fluttering of its wings.  


TIPS:  If you hear areas in the song with silence that means there is a REST in your part.  You should practice singing each part seperately.  Then, once you feel 110% confident that you know the song by heart, begin trying to sing your part as you listen to the remaining part.  This will strengthen your ability to sing in harmony without losing your pitch.

03 Help! by The Beatles


04 Home by Phillip Phillips



This version is a shorter clip from a live performance.  Please use it as an example to sing to but follow the song form from the lyric sheet.