3rd Graders will be responsible for these songs in addition to the songs listed on the main chorus page.

01 The Moon


Written especially for two-part choirs, this inquisitive piece features lyrical unisons, echo singing, and sensible duet harmonies.  A haunting piano motive represents the moon throughout as the childlike text ignites your choir's collective imagination. "O moon, shining in the night... come again tomorrow night..."  A marvelous, luminous nocturne for young voices!

02 Rhythm of the Rain


With optional parts for woodblock, shaker, triangle, drum and other Orff instruments, this is a terrific example of tone painting! "Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain..." Everything about this piece-the repetitive text, the stepwise melody, the piano part, the rhythm instruments-reinforces the musical image of falling rain. Add the descant and, before your singers know it, they'll be singing a triple partner song!