Distance Learning 101

Hello?  Is anybody there?  Did you hear that?  Did someone just poke me?  I'm writing this while by myself but I know that I'm not alone.  Neither are you!  This is my very first draft of distance learning information.  It will change and it's location on the site may change as well but it will always be easy to find.  Here are some links to get you started.

Tech Tool

Here is a video lesson that explains an amazing, FREE on-line tool that will allow you and your kids to EASILY transpose, SLOW down, speed UP or LOOP music that you love! Quickly find keys that you can play and sing comfortably in! Learn fast parts, played back slowly. Download this FREE Google Chrome extension here.

Lessons Without Instruments

Here are lessons for you and your kids to try that don’t require any instruments!

Lessons With Instruments

Here are Introductory lessons for kids with any of these instruments at home.