Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf is a musical fairytale considered one of the most enduring pieces of music written specifically for young audiences.  I have included examples of each characters theme in the album below as the full audio track.  In addition, I have included Disney's version of Peter and the Wolf.  Although this is a Disney production, the wolf may appear too menacing for some children.  Please preview the cartoon at 2:20 to make sure it fits your families viewing guidelines.

Assignment 1:  Choose an Option 1 and an Option 2

Option 1A - Watch the video of Peter and the Wolf.

Option 1B - Listen to the audio track in the playlist below.

Option 1C - A parent reads the story to you from the link at the bottom of the page. 


Option 2A - Choose a picture from the coloring pages that matches your favorite part of the story and color it in.  Take a picture and sent it to me!

Option 2B - Draw your favorite part of the story and write a sentence to describe it.

Lesson Expectations:  In this lesson we are getting familiar with distance learning.  These lessons are meant to be thorough and valuable to your child's education but they should also be flexible and fun so you can fit them into your schedule in the best way that you can.  Students should spend time this week listening to the music or watching the short film, getting familiar with the story and the sound of each instrument.  Do what you can and have fun.


Lesson A - Moana

Moana is one of my favorite movies.  I love the story AND the music.  This week I thought we would use one of the songs as inspiration for writing or drawing what makes us happy and thankful.  The song "You're Welcome" is sung by Maui, a powerful demigod who is responsible for make pretty much everything on Earth.  So of course, as soon as he sees a human, he thinks she must have come to thank him because he's the absolute greatest.  At least that's what Maui thinks!

Assignment 2:  Choose an Option 1 and an Option 2

Option 1A - Watch and sing along to the video of You're Welcome.

Option 1B - Listen to the audio track in the playlist below.



Option 2A - Write a sentence or two describing something you are thankful for.  If it's easier, I'll be including this in the form of a question on Google Classroom.  That way no one has to scan or take a picture of their written responses.

Option 2B - Draw a picture of something you are thankful for.

(Just for fun) - Color the picture of Maui and Moana

Lesson Expectations:  Many parents enjoyed the combination of having something to watch and hum along with and something to draw or color.  So, in keeping with that theme and trying to stay positive during a stressful time, I'd like all students to come up with at least one thing they are thankful for and makes them happy.  Then, to spend time writing about or drawing about that thing.

You're Welcome (From Moana)Artist Name
00:00 / 02:49

Lesson B - Coco

Good Morning 1st graders!  

Did I say that Moana was one of my favorite movies?  Well, COCO might be my absolute favorite.  I love everything about it.  It almost always makes me cry happy tears.  This movie is set in Mexico and features the guitar which is an instrument you’ve seen me use many times in class AND one that you’ll use in fourth grade.  


I’m offering up three versions of the same song today for you to think about and choose a favorite.  The song is called “Remember Me” and it’s about family, love and how you can always have the people you care about with you in your heart and in your mind, even when they’re far away.  Here are three different versions of the song, listen to all three, pic the one that you like best and tell me why.  Here are some things to think about:


1.  Was one song too fast or too slow?

2.  Did one song have a lot of fun instruments?

3.  Was one song too loud or too quiet?

4. Did any of the songs make you happy, sad, calm, excited?

5.  Was there a versions that you did not like? 


As usual, I’m including some coloring pages and I would love to see your artwork.  You can upload your comments and drawing to me using the “Add or Create” button in the Google Classroom assignment.


Lesson C - You-nique

For the song below:

1. Listen to the song at least two times

2. Ask a someone to read over the lyrics with you.

Say the lyrics back- working on memorizing at least three times.

3. Listen again & sing along two times

4. When done, fill out the Me ID worksheet and upload it when turning in your assignment.


Lesson D - Found Sounds & Rhythm

This week's lesson will reintroduce rhythm.  In class we played our xylophones using syllables and rhythm patterns to tell us what to play.  For instance, "Pear" is one syllable, so if we saw Pear written on the board, we hit our xylophones one time.

Pear = one syllable , one hit

Apple = two syllables, two hits

Basketball = three syllables, three hits

Watermelon = four syllables, four hits

I've got a fun video today to sing along to and I'd also like you to practice playing the rhythm patterns below with found sounds.  Try each one a few times until you get a good groove going.  Experiment playing all the words on the same sound or assign each word it's own sound.


1. Pear, Pear, Pear, Pear

2. Pear, Pear, Ap-ple, Pear

3. Ap-ple, Ap-ple, Pear, Pear

4. Ap-ple, Plear, Ap-ple, Pear