Little Kids Rock

Week 1: Body Drumming
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Assignment 1: Watch videos 1 - 4.  Practice on your own and write a short paragraph or two to describe your feelings about the progress you're making, have made or will make this week.  Remember, this can be tricky!  Don't give up or make judgements on how well you do unless you've really spent a few days practicing.  And don't play too hard or you'll end up with bruises!  :D

Lesson Expectations:  In this lesson we are learning how to play drums without a drumset.  That's right, it's kind of like learning to blow your nose without a tissue but much less messy.  The drum set is only half of the instrument.  The students body is the other half and the most important half too!  This week we are exploring our coordination as we try to divide our brains and attention into three parts that will eventually control a hi-hat, snare drum and kick drum.  Spend some time each day this week working through videos 1-4 and writing about your progress.

Week 2: Body Drumming Quiz on Google Classroom
Week 3: Songwriting
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Rhyme To This Drum TrackDrum Groove
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Assignment 1:  Although this video talks about Hip-Hop, the information they teach is applicable to all forms of music from Pop and Rock to Rap and Hip Hop.  Send me one or two of you best attempts from video lesson 2.  BONUS: If you have access to video recording either through a phone or computer, record and upload yourself performing lesson 3.  Have fun!

Lesson Expectations:  In this lesson we are exploring ways to create music without an instrument.  After all, every song has lyrics and someone has to write them!  This week's assignment is super simple.  Write one or two attempts at rhyming from the video above and send it in through Google Classroom.

Week 4: Create a Groove in Soundtrap for Your Lyrics.
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Assignment 4:  In this weeks lesson we will be using SoundTrap to create a simple groove or beat to go with the lyrics we just wrote.  SoundTrap is an app that you can download OR use within a browser on your phone, iPad or computer.  It’s just like GarageBand or other music studio software you may have used and uses loops, which are pre recorded snippets of musical sound, that you can rearrange and layer to make cool music.  You can also record your voice, an instrument, a dog barking or anything you’d like to add to a song.  




STEP 1:  CREATE AN ACCOUNT  -  Please click on the following link and choose “New User”.  You will be asked to use an email and think of a password.  Write this password down or make it super simple.  I won’t know it and can’t help you get your account back if you lose it.  You will be brought to our school SoundTrap page.  You’re part of the “4th Grade” group.  

STEP 2:  GET THE ASSIGNMENT  -  Go to your Google Classroom page where this assignment resides and click on the link within this assignment.

STEP 3:  If everything was done correctly, you should see the following blank project screen with the name "4th Gr. Week 4 Project".  Come back to this page and watch the youtube video beIow that explains how to complete the project. 

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STEP 4:  When you're done with your project, please don't forget to SAVE it by clicking the purple "save" button at the top of your project window AND renaming it.  When saving your assignment, change the name “4th Gr. Week 4 Project” and use your NAME and CLASS.  For example, If I was in class 4-313, I would save my project as ChrisMosera4313.

Lesson Expectations:  You should end up with an original groove or mini song that consists of at least two tracks.  The first track should include a drum loop and the second track can be whatever you'd like.  Your project should be at least 8 measures long.  The more you do the better your grade will be.  That's it!  Don't forget to click "save" at the top of your project page.

BONUS:  If you computer has a microphone, you can record yourself singing last weeks rhyme while the music you just created plays in the background.  THIS LAST PART IS OPTIONAL AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO IT.

Week 5: String & Percussion Instruments

This week we are going to take a break from Sound Trap and learn about the string and percussion families.  Please watch both videos, work on the crossword puzzle and answer a short quiz on Google Classroom.  Have a great day and as always, I'll be answering questions throughout the week.