New York State School Music Festival

New NYSSMA Guidelines for 2021

NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association) exists to provide advocacy, support and standards for the students and teachers of music across NY State.  Each spring, thousands of students register through their public school music programs to attend NYSSMA Evaluation Festivals where they are adjudicated while playing a solo piece of music on their chosen instrument. These festivals take place at local middle and high schools within the fifteen NYSSMA zones, each of which covers an area in New York State. PS 159Q belongs to Zone 12.  

Although your child's private teacher is responsible for selecting repertiore and preparing each student for their solo, all registration is performed by the music teacher at your public school.  In our case that would be me, Mr. Mosera.  Preparation of music should start well in advance of the festival dates and the festival dates are usually announced in January.  



Very informative FAQ sections can be found here:  








No. 1  :  Please send an email to Mr. Mosera at cmosera@schools.nyc.gov

with the following information no later than APRIL 8, 2021:


1.  Evaluation Type ie: (Piano solo, vocal solo...)

2.  Level 

3.  Instrument 

4.  Student Name 

5.  Grade 

6.  Is the student Suzuki trained? 

7.  Is this student participating in multiple auditions?

8.  Composition

9.  Composer

10. Arranger

11.  Movements

12. Page

13. Accompanist?



No. 2 : Please send a check made out to PS159Q no later than APRIL 8, 2021 to the school in a clearly marked envelope with your child's name and class for NYSSMA Solo and Ensemble Fees:


Level 1-4 Solo and Ensemble $16

Level 1-4 Piano Solo $22 [If festival is virtual, $16]*

Level 5-6 Solo and Ensemble $24

Level 5-6 Piano Solo $30 [If festival is virtual, $24]*

All-State Solo $30



Anyone who has not completed both steps by the deadline will not be registered. 

No exceptions can be made.