Dist. 26 Music Prof. Dev. - Handouts by Chris Mosera 


Below are downloadable copies of the materials handed out in our professional development meeting.  These items were created by me so feel free to use these in your classrooms.  Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.  Thanks!

1. Instruments of the Orchestra - Envelope Books

2. Instrument Fact Cards

1. Card A

2. Card B

3. Card C

4. Card D

3. Peter & the Wolf Listening Map Lesson Plan

4. Orchestral Scoring Session for Intro & Discussion

The video above can be downloaded by following the link below:


5. Recorder Karate

The following link will bring you right to the Music K-8 website where you can purchase the Recorder Karate method book and other related materials.  The books are $34.95.  http://www.musick8.com/rkdojo/rkdojo.php

6. Materials for the Arts

Materials for the Arts has tons of free stuff for the taking.  Sometimes it's hit or miss but if you're creative you can walk away with some great stuff every time you go.  Some principles will even let you leave early at the end of the day to make the trip!