Recorder Karate

How To Care For  Your Recorder

Now that you have this wonderful instrument, it is VERY important that you take the best care of it ...........
1)  Label your recorder and the case with a permanent marker.  That way, if you leave it somewhere, it can be returned to you.
2)  DO NOT use teeny tiny pieces of tissue or a paper towel to clean the inside of the recorder.  The pieces can fall out and it can be very difficult to remove.
3)  Clean the mouthpiece of your recorder with an old toothbrush or pipe cleaner.  It is important to keep the mouthpiece clean. 
4)  Plastic recorders can be washed in the dishwasher or in warm, soapy water once in a while.  However, if you've earned a face, washing your recorder this way will ruin it.
5)  If your recorder is hard to take apart or put back together, you may use a little joint grease or petroleum jelly on the joints.
6)  Keep your recorder in its case when you are not playing it.
7)  ALWAYS remember it for MUSIC CLASS!!!!!  If you always keep it in your backpack this will help you!