Online Keyboard


This keyboard can be useful in quite a few ways.  Use it to help you tune your guitar, figure out

melodies before you play them on your recorder, practice solfege and ear training or help sing

your vocal part for chorus with more precision.

Guitar Tuning


Tuning with A Clip-On Tuner

Tuning with the Fender App

Tuning by ear


The tuners we use in class can be purchased here for $10 + free shipping.

Little Kids Rock

We've seen this site in class.  Little Kids Rock believes that learning to play a musical instrument can be a transformative experience in a students’ life, with the power to inspire the creativity and confidence that are critical to success in school and in the future.

Ear Training


Ear training isn't for those who wish they had muscular ears!  It helps us recognize what notes are being played with our eyes closed and with no hints.  Our ears can tell us all we need to know but we have to train them.